The Technology Behind Freedom Stimulators

Freedom Stimulators provide a safer approach to neuromodulation therapy, reducing the risks associated with Implantable Pulse Generators (IPGs) that require an implanted battery. Implanted batteries can create new pain, increase surgical procedures, deplete, or fail, potentially posing risk to the patient. Freedom Stimulators are among the smallest neurostimulator systems. Freedom Stimulators are full-body* MRI conditional (Refer to the IFU for specific MR conditions and instruction). The externally worn transmitter can be recharged easily and provides individualized programming options to keep you in control of your pain relief.

Less Pain. More Living.

Freedom Stimulators

The Freedom Stimulator comes with both the implanted neurostimulator and a receiver. The neurostimulator has metal electrodes near the tip that create an electrical field of energy when power is applied. This electrical energy aids in blocking the pain signals coming from target nerves. Energy is transmitted to the receiver by an external, non-implanted transmitter that couples the RF energy, providing a variety of programming options that are customizable to each specific patient.

Wearable Technology

The Transmitter Assembly, comprised of a transmitter and antenna, is worn externally and wirelessly powers the Freedom Stimulator. Wireless power is sent from the transmitter to the implanted receiver. The implanted Stimulator only accepts power from a personalized, specific Transmitter Assembly for each patient.


The iOS-based Programmer is used by a Curonix representative in the clinical setting to provide advanced programming options to the Wearable Antenna Assembly. The iOS Programmer couples interface simplicity with personalized programming capabilities for every patient with one system.

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