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Full Body Pain Relief

Our Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (PNS) is a compact neurostimulator system to treat chronic intractable pain by targeting individual nerves throughout your body.

Freedom From The Implantable Battery

Our PNS doesn’t rely on an implanted, bulky battery. Instead, the externally, worn when needed patient transmitter and antenna gives you programming options to control your chronic pain relief.

Don't Stop Your MRI Scans*

Freedom PNS enables ongoing MRI scans, therefore, is ideal for patients who will continue to require frequent MRI scans throughout their body while still managing their chronic pain. *conditions apply

*Refer to the product Instructions for Use for complete MR conditions.

Freedom PNS System

The Freedom Peripheral Nerve Stimulator System (PNS) utilizes the same technology as the Freedom PNS System. A neurostimulator with electrodes and a receiver to utilize wireless RF power is placed near a peripheral nerve in your body, below the head, to treat your chronic pain. Fitting through a small incision allows for placement with minimally invasive surgery, typically as an outpatient procedure.

Before the device is implanted permanently, a trial period is typically performed to determine if the therapy is effective for your chronic pain. PNS is covered by most insurance carriers. Consult with your doctor to learn more about Freedom PNS.

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Freedom PNS System IFU

Information of Use documents for the our Freedom PNS System

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Freedom PNS System IFU

Information of Use documents for the our Freedom PNS System

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